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Panning for Gold & Gemstones

Panning for gold

We first came across a 'Panning for Gold' activity when we took our children to  Legoland. They loved sieving for the fools' gold among the sand and water and beg to do it each time we visit!

Since we introduced them in 2008, our Panning for Gold fundraising kits have been very popular with schools across the country. This year we are introducing Panning for Gemstones too.

It is designed to be a self-contained, affordable fundraising attraction to run at your school fair.

It's a great compliment to the Rock Shop Stall too.

Order with your rock shop or buy from our online store. Here. 



Panning for Gold Starter Kits

  • The kits comes in two sizes; Small for 50 or Large for 100 goes.
  • Kits include: gold chunks or gemstones, sieves and pouches plus instructions.
  • We suggest that you charge 50p a go to make a profit from this activity.
  • Get free delivery when you order panning for gold with a Rock Shop Stall.

What do you get?


Gold or Gems



Pan for Gold Small

  250g Gold Chunks

 Pan for Gold Large

500g Gold Chunks

 Pan for Gems Small

200g Gemstones

 Pan for Gems Large

 400g Gemstones


"Remember, that once you have bought your kit, you can top-up with gold chunks, gemstones and pouches next time!


Purchasing Options

  • Free Shipping when you ordering panning for gold or gems with your Rock Shop Order
  • You can purchase our Panning For Gold Starter Kits from our online store. Click Here
  • Why not buy a large lump of Fools' Gold and raffle it off on your Panning for gold stall  Click Here

What you will need

  • Play sand. This is widely available in shops.  You might also find some around your school. Do not use building sand as it may stain.

  • Large plastic container for the sand. The nursery water/sand tray would be great.

  • Towels to dry hands and clothes.  

  • Why not set the scene with some cowboy hats!

Getting startedPanning for gold

  • Put the sand in the tub and half fill with water.

  • Mix  in 15-20 chunks of gold. You can reduce the amount if it seems too easy. 

  • You will need to add more fools' gold as you go along.

  • Collect about 6 pieces of gold and then keep it safe in a draw-string pouch provided.


Click here to Download Panning For Gold Instruction sheet


History of Gold Panning

for gold

All through history mankind has searched for precious metals.

In the late 1840s gold was discovered near San Francisco in California. 

This lead to the great Gold Rush which involved many thousands of "prospectors" coming to find gold in the hope of making their fortune.  

The gold was found in gravels and sands of rivers.

Many inexperienced prospectors often mistook shiny yellow pyrite chunks for golden nuggets and it is this that gave rise to the term "Fools' Gold".