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Tips for Success

Children are always excited about having a Rock Shop at their school. However, a bit of pre-marketing will considerably increase your chances of selling out.

You might like to consider some of the ideas below...

1. Visit the classrooms

In the days leading up to the Fair many schools have had great success by taking a tray of fossils and minerals from the Rock Shop around to each of classrooms.

This shows the children what will be available to buy at the fair so they can budget accordingly. Doing this can lead to a queue of customers whilst the stall is being set up.

Here's what one of our PTA customers had to said...

"Many thanks to you for the Rock Shop - it was one of the most popular stalls at the Fete. The idea of taking a tray of samples in to the school the week before was just inspired. Our head teacher was so impressed with them that we had to put one of each item aside for her to keep for the school".

Shirley (Chair PTA). The Haven Primary School - Eastbourne

2. Make a table display or give a talk in assembly

Some schools have made a table display with the Rock Shop items so they can be seen by the children as they file past. Alternatively, the Head Teacher might talk to the children about the fossils and minerals during assembly and perhaps mention that they will be on sale at the fair.

"Our first time running a Christmas fair and first time with a Rock Shop. We held an assembly with Lawrence Anholt's "Stone Girl Bone Girl" as a link. Then showed the children the fossils and minerals. We thought it would appeal to the boys but the girls loved it just as much. I'm sure that showing the Rock Shop beforehand played a large part in our huge attendance."

Catherine (PTA Chair). Crazies Hill CofE, Wargrave.

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3. Hold a raffle on your stall and raise even more for your PTA

With every Rock Shop you get a free raffle prize. You can give this to the raffle stall.
Or, why not hold a separate raffle for it on your rock shop table.  Many schools have raised a lot of extra money doing this.
You will stimulate your rock shop sales considerably if you give away a free raffle ticket with every purchase made at your Rock Shop table.

This is what one of the schools had to say about it...

"Thanks for the excellent pack - delivered before time, well packaged with superb instructions. My only regret was that I did not buy the larger pack as they all sold out within 40 minutes. All I had left was disappointed children. I gave a free raffle ticket with each purchase and offered a strip of 5 for 50pence. I rasied nearly £75 for the school as a result".

Kevin. Runnymede St. Edward's School, Liverpool

Documents to download...

Minerals Fact sheet

 Fossils Fact Sheet
Rock Shop Instructions
Price sticker sheet Minerals Fact Sheet Fossils Fact Sheet

Table Sign