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Customer Testimonials

See what our customers had to say about our Rock Shop. You can get some good ideas for your fair by reading the comments below. We really value any suggestions or comments that you may have, especially if they help us to improve our service.

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Winter 2010

" I just wanted to praise Junior Geo for the professional service – tracking the order has taken all the worry out of delivery times. The sale or return system is also user-friendly and encourages schools to participate where the money cannot be risked. Our Christmas Fair was 3 Dec and we raised nearly £100 from the items you sent to us ad now we know what the kids like, we can top up." Rachel Wix Primary School

Winter 2009

" We were really pleased with the 'Rock Shop' and it was successful for us. The whole process from initial inquiries, through to running the stall was straightforward and convenient and I am sure that we will use the shop again in the future." Becky Payhenbury Primary School
" The fayre went really well and The Rock Shop was a brilliant new addition that the kids loved.  Whilst we didn’t sell out completely – we have around £40 worth of stock left – we actually made £40 profit as we were able to make some extra money using the two prizes you donated.  We ran a raffle on the stall giving a free ticket with every purchase as well as selling tickets.  Using the other prize we ran a ‘Spot the Ammonite’ competition.  We printed off a picture from the internet of the inside of a cave, divided the picture into a grid and asked people to guess where the ammonite was for 50p a guess.  We made £13.00 on this." Sharon Ridgeway Primary, Derbyshire
"I am very pleased to say that the Rock Shop was a complete success. The children were absolutely fascinated by the amazing fossils and minerals and couldn't get enough of them (many bought several at a time). We sold all but a few items, which we will keep for our Summer Fair. Due to the fantastic response, we will order a large shop next time " Yvonne Furzedown Primary School, London

Summer 2009

"The children absolutely loved all the rocks and fossils and they loved the thrill of finding gold after panning! All in all a huge success so we will definitely re-order. We will highly recommend the Rock Shop to those around us. Thanks for a great service " Nadine Winsley Primary School, Bradford on Avon
"Thanks for a great stall at our Fun Day. The Rock Shop went really well (smaller items sold better than larger ones). We did panning for gold as well and, as we don't have a reception class to donate their sand tray, we used an old fashioned tin bath which looked great. We will certainly run it again next year. " Anne Bury Grammar School, Bury
"We held a small rock shop at our summer fair and it was a great success. We took your advice and showed the pupils the items during assembly and it created a lot of interest. Many of the parents commented on how original and different the stall was. Lots of children bought items for themselves or as gifts to others. We were the only stall that sold out in just a few hours. Definitely worth it. " Susan Andalusia Academy, Bristol
"Thank you so much for your excellent service, great communication and very fast delivery. The Rock Shop and Panning for Gold sets that were received were extremely high quality and excellent value for money. The children were absolutely thrilled with both and the Rock Shop stall sold out! We will definitely be ordering form you again. " Emma Salfords Primary School, Redhill
"Brilliant yet again!
We were not sure about running a Rock Shop for the 3rd year in a row but my son Edward squashed all doubt when he quickly named a long list of children who had approached him at school asking if we would be selling rocks again at the Summer Fun Day. All the items sold out and everyone was delighted!
This year we simplified the prices on to just two tables: one selling everything for £2, the other for £4. This made things very easy to run. The "Top Up" option was wonderful: the Aragonite and Desert Rose proving especially popular. We also added a Pirate Treasure Chest as a special prize alongside the large agate geode you include for the raffle. Each rock purchase allowed a free turn at guessing the locations of the prizes on a Treasure Island map. We also made extra from this game by charging 30p a turn without a rock purchase. "
John Stamford Park Junior School, Cheshire
"Without a doubt we had the best stall the fair has ever seen! The day before the fair my daughter took a tray around school with all the different types of fossils for sale. What a great idea because the children know what they wanted and hounded us when we were setting up. The raffle prize was fantastic too. Dead good fun, don't think about doing it - DO IT! Thanks Junior Geo. " Kay Bowdon Preparatory School, Altrincham
"The children all loved the Rock Shop. Yr 6 had them in their classroom the week before the fair and have learned lots about fossils and minerals with help of the website and information sheets provided. They held a talk at assembly before the fair to make all the children aware of it. We nearly sold out. The raffle topped up the stall's profit really nicely. " Jeanette St. Paul's CE Primary School, Cambridge
"On behalf of Saltford PTA, I would like to thank you for the generosity in donating one of your minerals to our summer fair raffle. We really appreciate your contribution towards the PTA's fundraising. " Michelle Saltford School PTA
"I would like to say a very big and sincere thank you on behalf of the school, the PTA and the children at William Gilbert Endowed School in Duffield for making a contribution to our raffle. Our event was a great success and the raffle and auction made a huge contribution in terms of interest and money raised. Without the generosity of businesses like yours we wouldn't e able to do this. " Karen William Gilbert Endowed School PTA
"Thank you for supplying the rocks for our latest Rock Shop. We raised £70 and will be in contact again for our next fair. The most pleasing aspect of running the stall is the amount of children who are now collecting rocks and fossils. " Jane St. Mary's CE School, Rickmansworth
"We had a great time selling and everyone was very interested in the items. Our best sellers were the shark teeth, especially for the boys. " Nicki & Wendy Busbridge Junior School, Godalming
"Thank you for your prompt delivery. The Rock Shop and Paning for Gold was extremely popular. Great to have something a little different. The children enjoyed being able to dress appropriately - a great tip, thanks." Daphne Christ Church


"This was our 1st year having a Rock Shop and it was extremely popular. We took some of the "rocks" around the classrooms the day before and this sparked a lot of interest. We sold out very quickly, so next year we'll go for the large pack! We greatly appreciated the raffle prize and the boy that won it was over the moon. Thank you for your efficient service and being at the end of a phone when advice was needed. " Elaine Cunningham Hill Junior School
" The Rock Shop was such a great success at the Summer Fair that I've just ordered more stock for the Christmas Fair. The children were so impressed that I have been hounded in the playground by them making sure we were holding it again at Christmas!! Great idea, very popular, excellent service & delivery and a win win situation all round. Keep up the good work." Karen Christchurch CEP School
" Absolutely fantastic. Everything my daughter needed in one box. what cold be more ideal. Lots of children and parents greatly enjoyed browsing round something very different. Would definitely recommend. Well done Junior Geo!" Sharon Ysgol Gynradd Machynlleth
" Rock Shop success! We sold out in 20 minutes and equalled our profit in raffle ticket sales. I'm sure we'll be back for more!" Sheridan St. John the Baptist School
"we've just held our first rock shop (a small one) and were sold out within the first 45 minutes of our event. Showing the rocks to the children in an assembly the week before the event worked wonderfully, they came straight to the rock shop! We will definitely be ordering again. Thank you. " Lesley Badgerbrook Primary School
" The service provided by 'The Rock Shop' was excellent and the items were shipped quickly and efficiently. This was the first time that we had used the Rock Shop and it proved to be a great decision as it was great success (with all of the items being sold). The products looked great and we received many favourable comments about the stall. We will definitely use the Rock Shop for future events and next time we will order more items. I would highly recommend the Rock Shop to anyone as it was loved by children and adults alike !" Neil Bierton Cof E Compbined School
"Some members of our PTA were doubtful about the success of the Rock Shock but they were proved completely wrong. We assumed the boys would be more interested than girls but we found that plenty of girls (as well as adults!) made purchases. By chance, we found an enhusiastic fossil-minded parent who took along her own book of fossils and gave full and interesting explanations to the buyers. We will definitely be "topping up" in the near future. " Jacqueline Grenoside CP School
" Thanks for your email. Well the Rock Shop was a great success! The school carried out some pre-marketing as suggested in their assembly in the week leading up to the Fair and some classes read the book Stone Girl Bone Girl. As a result, we had a number of parents commenting that all the children kept talking about was getting a 'special rock' at the fair. They headed straight for the stall when the gates opened.
Having taking a chance with our first Rock Shop and ordering the large collection - we were only left with 6 items. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and also held a raffle on the stall as you recommended - giving a free ticket with every purchase and offering strips for 50p. I was extremely impressed with everything that Junior Geo provided to help make this a success - your correspondence has been great and you made the whole process so easy for us with everything that you provide as part of the sets. Thank you for that!"
Andrea Thatcham Park School
"Have just used Junior Geo for the third time, and sold over 100 items in about 30 minutes...it's always like this! Ordering couldn't be easier; service is efficient and prompt, and the quality of the rocks and fossils is excellent. Many pupils return time after time. Highly recommended as a successful and no-hassle fund-raiser! " Julie Broomgrove Junior School
" I would lke to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt service, and to say how well the shop went down at our Summer Fayre. The children absolutely loved the range of rocks and fossils and the stall sold out in practically no time." Joanne St. John Vianey PTFA
"Thank you so much for the Rock Shop sent for our Strawberry Fayre, it was realy popular. It really is an excellent idea and a great way to raise funds. My son Joshua was in his element telling everyone which rocks and fossil were which and proudly showed off some of his own collection of books, minerals and fossils. The large geode raffle prize was the first to go!" Alison Hazel Hurst PTC
" Thank you very much for introducing our PTA to your Rock Shop. It was a great success for our first attempt an well received by our children and parents alike. My only regret is that we did not order 2 large boxes from the outset.
Your efficient service was excellent and the quality of items was really good."
Chris T St. Mary's CP School
" We held a Fossil Fayre after an assembly for parent to celebrate the children's learning in the topic of Dinosaurs. The response from the whole school was fantastic and although we are a small school, we were left with only 10 items from the large pack. It was such a success that I will be running another stall at the school fete in June." Sharon Borden CEP
" As suggested on your website the Headteacher spoke to the children in assembly about the rocks which got them very interested. As a result the Rock Shop sold out within an hour and a half of our Christmas Fayre opening. We shall definitely be buying a large Rock Shop next time" Penny Olney first School
"The rocks were very popular at our Christmas fayre. We followed your excellent advice and showed the rocks to the children beforehand and got advance orders from children who could not come. WE will certainly be placing another order " Kirsty Balsall Common Primary School
"Just wanted to write to thank you for the Rock Shop. We signed up for our Rock Shop at an NCPTA event on the spur of the moment without really thinking about it and then spent the next few months worrying if we had done the right thing; was this the sort of event that would work at our school; would we end up sending most of the stock back paying more in postage than we made.
We needn't have worried. We ran the Rock Shop over a week every afternoon after school and we had sold out by Tuesday!
Thank you again and thanks for the free raffle prize which we used to lure the children in to look at the rock shop."
Angela Friends of Oakhill Primary School
"Many thanks for the free raffle prize. Once again, the rock shop was extremely popular at our school summer fayre " Dalene Vale first & middle School, Worthing
"The children loved the fossil. They were a lovely addition to the fayre. We look forward to using you again " Kate Micklefield School, Reigate, Surrey
"The Rock Shop was the most popular stall at the Fair and we sold out within 35 minutes! Several children came back to buy another fossil/rock, having already bought one. It was so lovely to see their enthusiasm and the parents and teachers seemed to approve too. Many thanks for your wonderful efficiency - the whole enterprise couldn't have been easier!" Ravida Bassett House School Parents' Association, London
"For the third year running yet another great rock shop. A few new items which proved very popular!!! We will certainly be doing it again - Highly recomended!" Amanda Staplecross MCP School, East Sussex
"Fabulous. What an easy way to raise £100! But more than that, it was an attraction to pull in the crowds as a number of children had seen the rocks in school and set their hearts on one. The shop sold out before the end of the fair and the boy eho won the raffle prize was thtilled." Diana Endon St. Lukes, Stoke on Trent
"The stall was a big success at our Open Day. We sold 71 pieces, pretty good going for a school with only 63 pupils! We were so pleased with the response that we'll hold another stall at our Christmas Bazaar and will not doubt have a "top-up order." Patricia Claybrooke School PTA, Leicestershire
"The Rock Shop was an excellent stall to have at our fete and generated a lot of interest. The children loved the rocks and the quality was really good. By following your advice and giving a "sneak preview before the day, we cartainly generated a lot of interest" Mandy Chenies School PA, Flaunden, Herts
"Thank you for the super service that you offer. Everything is of good quality, communication is first class and orders are delivered with amazing speed. All in all, a first class service. We will definitely be holding another Rock Shop sale in the next school year." Anne The King's School, Macclesfield, Cheshire
"The kids absolutely LOVED the rock shop! Thanks very much. We shall definitely use you again!" Tracy Shirland Primary School PTFA, Alfreton, Derbyshire
"I have to say that it is a breeze doing a Junior Geo Rock Shop as they make it reallystraight forward. Everything is well packaged and labelled, and they even provide printed price tags. Really appreciated". Jo Honeywell Junior School PTA, London SW11
"I would just like to say that we sold out! The raffle of the large agate geode that was sent with our delivery was also very popular. Thank you very much for your good service, we will definitely be returning next year". Claire Charles Kingsley's Primary School, Hook, Hampshire
"The Rock Shop was a huge success at our summer fair. We are a very small school but, despite that, every single item was sold. The amethyst and fools' gold in particular proved to be (almost!) as popular as our chocolate fountain". Anna Stratford St. Mary Primary School PTA, Colchester, Essex
"Some of our PTA members were doubtful about the success of the Rock Shop but they were proved completely wrong. We assumed the boys would be more interested than girls but we found plenty of girls (as well as adults!) made a purchase. By chance, we found a fossil-minded parent who took along her own book of fossils and gave interresting explanations to buyers. We will definitely be "topping up" in the near future". Jacqueline Grenoside CP School, Sheffield, S. Yorks
"Just wanted to thank you for your prompt delivery, excellent organisation, and most especially the superb product! The minerals/fossils were an excellent size, and far more spectacular than I had anticipated. The children were thrilled". Julie Broomgrove Junior School, Colchester, Essex
"We completly sold out and there was a queue even before we opened!!! I had so much fun going into the classes and reading the story and showing them all the rocks - it was a huge success, so thank you". Kate Barnes Primary School, London
"Thank you for providing such a great service. I followed your advice and the Rock Shop was a huge success, an absolute sell out after a record 40minutes! We will definitely re-order for the Summer Fair". sharon Bournhall School, Watford, Herts
"The Rock Shop was a total success!. I took your advice and went around the classes in school showing them samples of what would be on sale at the school fair and the children were able to show their parents what they had been enthusing about. Result: total sellout! in fact there were many disappointed children who would have loved to own a shark's tooth". Ingrid Benenden CE Primary School, Cranbrook, Kent
"The Rock Shop was a great success, completely sold out!. We are so pleased that we saw your advert in the NCPTA magazine and will definitely use you again. We were really impressed with the size and quality of the rocks. so thank you very much". Ruth The Batt School, Oxfordshire
"Fantstic response to the Rock stall at our Winter Fair. Sold out smaller pack within the hour. We had a lot of comments on how affordable the prices were. Will definitely have a stall at our Summer Fair. Thanks to Bill for the excellent service from the company and look forward to doing more business". Janice Clober Primary School, Glasgow
"The Rock Shop is a great wee earner for really little effort - just display the items and leave the kids to sell!!". Rochelle Abbots Langley School, Herts
"The sale was a huge success and I am sure we could have sold 100... The products were beautifully presented and the fact sheets informative. We had 50 happy customers". Michelle Dromore Primary School, N. Ireland
"Thanks for the excellent pack - delivered before time, well packaged with superb instructions. My only regret was that we did not buy the larger pack as they all sold out within 40 minites and all I had left was disappointed children. I gave away a free raffle ticket with each purchase and offered a strip of 5 for 50p. I raised nearly £75 for the school as a result". Kevin Runnymeade St. Edward's School , Liverpool
"Yet another very successful fair and the rock shop yet again very popular. Boys and girls love to buy these items and the parents enjoy and buy them too. I cannot suggest any way to improve the service we have had from you in the last 2 years". Amanda Staplecross MCP School, East Sussex
"Fantastic introduction to this fascinating world. Our rock shop sold out in less than 2 hours. highly recommend and will certainly oerder again". Clarendon Cottage, Eccles
"We sold out within the first half hour of our Summer Fair and the children loved the stones and fossils. We shall be ordering more!" Freda (Headteacher) Abington Vale Primary School, Northampton
"The service and help recieved from JuniorGeo has been second to none. The Rock shop itself was a fantastic addition to our summer fete and would not hesitate to run another next year Children and parents were fascinated by the selection offered and have asked if it will be back again at another of our events, the answer of course is "Yes"". Claire Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School PTA
"Thanks for the fantastic HUGE rocks & great service. our first Rock Shop was all sold out within 2 hours! Loved by kids and adults alike! Excellent value for money". Jane Lingfield Primary School PTA
"Thankyou for your prompt replies and excellent customer service. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company". Gill St. Mary's FPTA
"We were very impressed with the packaging, information sheets etc. All the items arrived in perfect condition. Thank you also for the free item, it was amazing & certainly inspired a lot of interest. The quartz crystals sold out within half an hour, followed by the agate geodes which were my personal favorites. Most people were excited to see something so different to the normal summer fair stalls! It was the easiest fundraiser by far. No hassle, no stress, no selling - it sold iteself ! Tracey Friends of Harlands Primary school
"What a neat idea – Junior Geo have thought of everything when it comes to setting up a stall. The kit includes everything you need - you don’t have to do anything but staff it. The rocks and fossils are fabulous and sell themselves, kids and adults love them. It’s such an easy and popular fund raiser I would recommend it to anyone. What’s more with the sale and return policy – it’s a no lose situation." Jules Goldfield Nursery & Infants school
"We used Junior Geo for the first time at our Christmas Fair in 2005. It was a resounding success. Much of the stock was sold before the fair opened. The prices are really reasonable and the stones are a real attention grabber. We will be returning for more." Dawn Chestnut Street Primary School
"Just wanted to tell you what a great success our Rock Shop was at our School Christmas Fair. I was slightly nervous as it was a big departure from the kind of stalls that the school has had previously, but I needn't have been. WE sold out within an hour and a half and the kids loved the fossils and minerals. The parents too were intrigued and excited about the stall and loved the fact that their children were interested in it. Thanks for a great Rock Shop and a great service, and we will definitely be back in the Summer." Lisa Hook with Warsash Primary School PTFA
"This was our first time holding a Rock Shop stall at our Christmas Fair. It sold out within the first hour. We will be ordering the large Rock Shop for future events!" Jane PTA Chair Gt & Lt Shelford Primary School PTA
"Many thanks for all your help in sending us the appropriate Rock Shop items for our Christmas Fair. It went really well and aroused a great deal of interest. The geography staff were very enthusiastic and pleased with the idea... I have been very impressed with your level of service, and I believe that the committee will want to organise another Rock Shop at its fair next Christmas, so we shall be in touch again". Marian PTA Committee St. Mary's School, Cambridge
"Our first time running a Christmas fair and first time with a Rock Shop. We held an assembly with Lawrence Anholt's "Stone Girl Bone Girl" as a link. Then showed the children the fossils and minerals. We thought it would appeal to the boys but the girls loved it just as much. I'm sure that showing the Rock Shop beforehand played a large part in our huge attendance. As a small school (less than 50 families), we bought a small Rock Shop and were left with no more than six items which we can easily sell on. Will definitely recommend to other schools". Catherine (PTA Chair) Crazies Hill CofE, Wargrave
"Our Rock Shop and raffle was a huge success at the school Christmas fair. We will not be returning anything as it was a complete sell out". Linda Bonaly School, Edinburgh
"The Rock Shop was a huge success and everything sold in just a short while". Sarah Queen's Gate School, London
"Brilliant - the kids went mad for them and the adults (teachers and parents) were impressed too. From my point of view it was an effortless and excellent fundraiser". Lynne All Saint's C of E School, Putney
"Fantastic and unique idea, great branding and products are visually impressive". Sarah Our Lady of Pity & St. Simon Stock - Putney
"Thanks for a great selection of rocks. Super quality. Easy fundraiser and the children loved them. See you next year!". Lavinia Warwick Bridge Primary School - Carlisle
"Can I just say, I was very impressed with the package when it came, and like the idea of having them sorted into boxes with labels on the front. It also made it easier for us display them... On the day we had a lot of interest in them, especially the sharks teeth and the quartz... A big thankyou on behalf of the PTA for having such an interresting idea and we hope to do business with you again". Debbie St. Chad's CP School
"We are looking forward to any Christmas Rock Shop specials, and am sure we will be looking to Top Up then. My son will definitely be looking to add to his collecton!". Michelle Clapham Manor School - London
"Just like to say how the children enjoyed the Rock Shop. The amethysts and geodes were the most popular. We hope to do it again. Many thanks for a brilliant fund-raiser". Lorraine Christ the Kiing Catholic Primary School - Bournmouth
"Thankyou very much for your efficiency in dealing with our first time venture with the Rock Shop experience. We could not fault the serviceyou provided and the rocks, fossils, crystals and fast selling sharks' teeth were superb. when I first mentioned the idea at our PTA meeting the other members were just as enthusiastic as to give it a try - 'we can't lose' was the most used comment. One dad told me he had studied geology at university so he was the perfect stall-holder and he brought in his books to compliment your literature. If all my outside stalls had run as smoothly as the Rock Shop, I wouldn't have needed my paracetamol supply on the day!". Carol St. John the Evangelist Infant and Nursery School - Newbury
"The Rock Shop was very popular, we will contact you again in the future". Ian Bradwell Junior School - Derbyshire
"We feel it went well for our first try and now know how we would do it next time! Fantastic concept". Sarah Our Lady of Pity & St. Simon Stock - London
"We would like to say a really big thank-you to Junior Geo for providing such a fantastic product at realistic prices for kids! Your stall was such a huge hit with the children (and adults) at our fete, a few of them had a sneak preview before day and the word got out, so there was a huge queue before the fete even opened! We will definately use Junior Geo again for future events and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of using them for the first time". Sarah Moorlands Infant School - Bath
"BIG HIT! You were right... everyone loved it and we sold out. I thought it would be more of an attraction for the boys but actually the girls loved it too. Its the first time my husband has been happy coming to a school fair - he was able to sell fossils all day!!". Fiona Putney Park School - London.
"Our Rock Shop arrived this morning. We are really impressed with the size, quality and presentation of all the rocks and are most grateful to you. Many thanks also for enclosing a raffle prize - its beautiful and was a lovely surprise. I am sure the rocks will all be sold within the first hour!". Donna Vale Fisrt & Middle School - Worthing.
"We read about your rock shops in a email sent out to all schools in our LEA. We thought it was a good idea and something new to try for our school fair. Our KS1 class were in the middle of their science module on rocks and fossils and they already had a good display of specimens in the class room. They will be visiting the Sunderland Winter Gardens this week and will have a talk on 'rocks and fossils'. Maybe we could send you some photos. The small rock shop was ordered as we only have 70 pupils in school. For a few days before the fair we displayed the specimens and price list. To our surprise the rock shop table was mobbed and completely sold out before the fair ended. We have also placed orders for 7 extra items. So well done on a fantastic new idea that is not detrimental to the children's health, is educational, fun and interesting. We hope to have another rock shop later in the year". Helen Esh Winning, Durham DH7
"Thanks for the excellent service, everything went without a hitch". Michelle Penns Primary School, Sutton Coldfield
"Excellent news to report. The Rock Shop sold out at the Family Fun Day within 90 minutes all due to showing the children in the assemblies and getting them excited about it. We only wished we had ordered more! Many thanks for a great service, we will certianly be in touch for our Christmas Fayre". Jenny Manor Farm Infant & Nursery School - Hazlemere.
"I just wanted to thank you for your effots to get us a Rock Shop at such late notice. It was well worth it as it completely sold out". Patricia Churchfields Junior School - South Woodford.
"Many thanks to you for the Rock Shop - it was one of the most popular stalls at teh Fete. The idea of taking a tray of samples in to the school the week before was just inspired. Our head teacher was so impressed with them that we had to put aside one of each for her to keep for the school. Thanks for the beautiful geode for our raffle, I was most upset that I didn't manage to win it for myself. We will definitely be having a Rock Shop at our future events". Shirley (Chair PTA) The Haven Primary School - Eastbourne
"As predicted, all items sold quite easily from the Rock Shop. Thanks for a great addition to our Fete". Jan Crowmarsh Gifford CE Primary School, Wallingford
"We were looking for something new for our Christmas Fair. Before ordering the Rock Shop, I consulted the senior boys (10-13) to see if there was enough interest. They were keen so we went ahead. I like the idea of easy to read fact sheets that are given out with every fossil or mineral. It was easy to order from Junior Geo and they provide a very good service". Sarah Tate - Chair of Friends of Quainton Hall School, Harrow.
"The Rock Shop went down very well. People liked the fact there was something for boys to buy! The fossils are still being sold after the event and the box is currently circulating around. The package that you sell is very professional from the stall sign to the little bags for the items to go in. We also very much appreciated the raffle prize". Jo Leighton Buzzard