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Fossil Hunter

The Fossil Hunter Activity kit is a great fundraising activity for PTA school fairs

Fossil Hunter

Fossil Hunter Fundraising Kit

 An image of Fossil Hunter

Fossil Hunter is a brand new fundraising activity for 2012

Become a real palaeontologist by digging for real fossils in gravel.
There are 11 different fossil types to collect with ages ranging from
400 to 23 million years.

For each go, fossil hunters keep 6-7 fossils plus identification card. 

Kits include the following:

  • Fossil specimens
  • A5 Fossil identification cards with timescale
  • A5 polygrip bags for the ID cards and the fossils.
  • Gravel & Tray
  • Tweezers
  • Magnifying lens 

Small Kit:
£65 - 330 fossils, 50 Fossil ID Cards, 50 polygrip bags, gravel, 2 trays, 2 tweezers, 2 magnifying lenses.
Profit at £1.50 per go = £10, Profit at £2.00 a go = £35

Large Kit:
£120 - 660 fossil, 100 Fossil ID Cards, 100 polygrip bags, gravel, 2 trays, 4 tweezers, 4 magnifying lenses.
Profit at £1.50 a go = £30, Profit at £2.00 a go = £80.

Prices includes postage.

For more information click here


50 Fossil Hunter ID Cards - Refill Pack

 An image of 50 Fossil Hunter ID Cards - Refill Pack

A pack of 50 Junior Geo Fossil Hunter identification cards.

Also includes 50 clear polygrip bags.

The cards are A5 and fit inside the polygrip bags along with the fossils that are found.

Can be used to re-fill your fossil hunter kit.



Card Size: A5
£14.99 Quantity:

Credit card size hand lens

 An image of Credit card size hand lens

These handy credit-card sized hand lenses are ideal for looking at the details preserved in your fossil finds.

They come with a protective sleeve.

8.5 x 5.5 cms
£3.99 Quantity:

Agate Gastropod Fossils (20)

 An image of Agate Gastropod Fossils (20)

A bag of cretaceous gastropods and bivalves from Morocco.

These are well preserved and the gastropods have ornamental shell structures.

Typical contents: 20 pieces.


Approx Size: 3cms
Currently out of stock

Fossil Sand shark teeth fragments (200)

 An image of Fossil Sand shark teeth fragments (200)

A bag of approx 200 pointed fossil sand shark teeth fragments points.

These are about 50 million years old and come from Morocco.






length: 2-4 cm
Currently out of stock

Mixed Fossil fragments

 An image of Mixed Fossil fragments

A bag of mixed Paleogene fossil fragments from Morocco, ranging in age from 65- 23 million years.

Average contents: 60 pieces of fossil fragments.

The size does vary but individaul pieces are not normall smaller than 1.5 cms and cam be as large as 5 cms.

The pack mostly contains fragments of fossil sting ray teeth and tail spines but shark and fish vertebrae are quite common too. These packs also contain some sea snake vertebrae and you can also find fossil mosasaur teeth too.

Fossils include: 

  • Sting ray teeth and spines
  • Sea snake vertebrae
  • Mososaur teeth
  • Shark vertebrae

Currently out of stock

Fossil Haematite Ammonites

 An image of Fossil Haematite Ammonites

A bag containing aproximately 45 small fossilised cretaceous ammointes from Morocco.

These fossils are made of the mineral heamatite (iron oxide).

Typical size is between 1 and 2 cms in diameter.



Size: 10-20 mm diameter
Currently out of stock

Fossil Crinoid Stems

 An image of Fossil Crinoid Stems

A pack of Devonian crinoid (sea littly) stems from Morocco.

Typically these are about 1 cms in diameter and the length ranges from 2 to 4 cms.

Typical contents: 50 pieces. Note that the contents can vary depending on the size available.


Length: 2-4 cms
Currently out of stock