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Fossil Hunter

Fossil Gastropods

 An image of Fossil Gastropods
Fossil GastropodsFossil Gastropods 2

A bag of cretaceous "chalky" gastropod (snail) fossils from Morocco.

Typically the quantity of pieces is about 50 per bag.



Length: 2-3 cms
Currently out of stock

Fossil Bivalves (20)

 An image of Fossil Bivalves (20)

A small bag of cretaceous Moroccan bivalves.
They are typically about 2 cms in size and show good "ribbing" on the shells
This group of creatures includes the oysters, scallops and mussels.

Each bag contains around 17-20 pieces.

Typical Size: 2 cms
Currently out of stock

Fossil Brachiopods (20)

 An image of Fossil Brachiopods (20)

At their peak in the Paleozoic the brachiopods were among the most abundant filter-feeders and reef-builders and occupied other ecological niches, including swimming in the jet-propulsion style of scallops.

However, after the Permian–Triassic extinction event, informally known as the "Great Dying", brachiopods recovered only a third of their former diversity.

It was often thought that brachiopods were actually decline in diversity, and that in some way bivalves out-competed them.

3-4 cms
Currently out of stock

3KG Gravel Bag

 An image of 3KG Gravel Bag

3KG bags of gravel that can be used to fill the gravel tray with our fossil hunter activity.


Currently out of stock